Sol de Mañana

Sol de Mañana (Spanish for Morning Sun) is a geothermal area that extends over 10 km² near Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat. This beautiful, otherworldly landscape is lined with geysers, bubbling mud pots and the distinct smell of sulfur. The incredible spectacle extends over 10km² and is at an altitude of 4850m.

Sol de Mañana is a desert area characterized by volcanic activity, offering a stark but intriguing contrast to the neighboring salt flats. It has also been investigated for possible use as a source of electricity thanks to the geothermal potential that exists in the area. This energy is considered clean and renewable, and harnessing it will help to provide power to countless people in Bolivia, making this area both beautiful as well as a vital source of power.

One natural phenomenon that wows all visitors is the hot steam emitted by the geysers which can reach heights of up to 15 meters. The area is named after the morning sun as this is the time of the day in which this phenomenon is at its most impressive. Enhanced by the sun’s illumination and the difference between the temperature of the air and steam, morning at Sol de Mañana is a view like no other. You’ll definitely want to make sure that you bring a camera to capture the experience

A trip to Sol de Mañana is included in all 3-day Salar de Uyuni tours and is one of the most popular stop offs and those who take the tour. The area is free to visit but you must be accompanied by an authorized guide. When you arrive, you are free to walk where you please on this moon-like landscape but be careful as the crust is thin and one false step can send you into boiling mud!