Polques Hot Springs

Amongst the beautiful polygonal patterns of salt and sensational volcanoes of Salar de Uyuni lies the Polques Hot Springs where visitors can bathe in the thermal waters. After an exhausting day of exploring the salt flats, the pool offers a heaven-like opportunity to wind down at night or re-energize in the morning. The Polques Hot springs were formed as a result of volcanic activity from the nearby Polques Volcano.

The Polques Hot Springs have a high content of minerals which is said to relieve the symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism. The water temperatures hover at a comfortable 29°C. They are by no means boiling but offer a blissful contrast to the chilly weather outside the pool. Undoubtedly, the best time to arrive is early in the morning for sunrise or late at night for sunset. Ambient temperatures are often as low as -5°C or -10°C which makes changing into your swimwear a major challenge. However, despite how crazy this may sound, you most definitely will not regret it when you are sitting back in the naturally warm waters, glass of wine in hand, looking out at the beautiful surroundings of the massive lagoon, historical volcanoes and spectacular flamingos!

There are changing facilities here that cost around 5 Bolivianos to enter but expect a far from luxurious experience. The floor is often wet and filthy and there is nowhere to hang your clothes.
There is also a restaurant but many visitors choose to bring their own food.

Advice: Bring warm clothes and your own towel to dry off as the change in temperature can be a shock.

3 day Salar de Uyuni tours stop off at the Polques Hot Springs and give you around half an hour to bathe in the thermal waters. Those who aren’t interested in getting into the waters can walk around and take pictures of the fabulous scenery.

If your tour operator allows it, it’s also a great experience to visit the Polques Hot Springs at night. Firstly, it is far more relaxing as there are usually very few, if any, people here at this time. Secondly, you will be blown away by the thousands of stars and milky way that you can see thanks to the lack of light pollution here.